Calendar Events

Calendar Events

Ridgewood Events

Ridgewood Nepalese Society organizes its regular programs by year-round calendar. The main features can be viewed as follows:

Dollar a Day ($1/Day)

RNS includes about 100 regular donors who has been donating at least $1 per day for Durga Temple to cover its daily operation expenses…….

Blood Drive

The Blood Drive program is organized normally in the month of February every year. This program was established as regular program from 2011. There were more than 50…

Nepali New Year

The Nepali New Year (BS: Bikram Sambat) is mark with a cultural program in April every year. This program was established even…


Teej is a festival celebrated by Nepalese women eating delicious food, wearing red colour Sari and various jewelleries, dancing with Lok Geet (the typical Nepali songs), and fasting the next…..


The Dashain, the greatest festival of Hindu Nepalese is marked with typical Nepalese cultural programs in September or October evet year. This program is also an icon for many Nepalese who are…


Swasthni is a month-long religious story-telling event. This festival normally falls in the month of January or February every year. Swasthani has become one of the regular fund-raising….