Durga Temple

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Durga Temple

Durga Temple (DT) is also an underway constructive project of Ridgewood Nepalese Society to serve the religious segment of community members. The concept of Temple came from the Dashain program (Jamara – sprouts of grains used in the festival), the greatest family festival of the year of Nepalese Hindu people on October 2008. The Hindu Nepalese worship Goddess Durga, a symbol of victory of truth in Dashain festival. The name of temple remained Durga Temple as it was started from worshiping goddess Durga. The temple was established in one of the buildings at Putnam Ave, and later was shifted to Summerfield Street then shifted to 789 Wyckoff Ave. DT can be called also a part of NCC project because it will remain in the NCC building. The Society is actively working on DT project to develop a holy place for worshiping and developing Yogic Sanatan spiritual, and Hindu and Buddist rituals. The Durga Temple associating with Nepali Cultural Center (NCC) will serve as a common place for festivals, community and cultural activities. The ultimate goal of establishing DT is to enhance Yogic, spiritual and religious belief of Sanatan Hinduism and Buddhism. We believe that the practices in Yoga Asana, Meditation and practice of spirituality make people of good moral character, trustworthy and disciplined. This will help to develop a social justice in the community and beyond.

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